Fiona Blakey graduated from Glasgow School of Art with a BA(hons) in surface pattern design. Since then, she has pursued a multifaceted career as a self-employed artist and teacher. With years of experience in visual arts, Fiona has honed her skills and developed a unique artistic voice. Her studio in Taynuilt, Argyll, serves as a creative hub where she brings her ideas to life. While drawing remains her primary passion, Fiona has also explored a wide range of disciplines throughout her career. Her versatility and love of pushing artistic boundaries allows her to experiment freely, resulting in a diverse body of work. Recently Fiona has delved heavily into mixed media, combining various materials and methods resulting in a series of semi-abstract landscapes and flora and fauna designs. These works showcase her ability to blend imagination and technique.

“During my creative process, there are various points when I fall in love with whatever I am working on. It could be the moment when the surface texture appears from layers of experimentation, when a landscape emerges from an abstract pattern or when I add some final loose drawing marks. At the end, I instinctively know that I’ve got the mix of ingredients and the final seasoning right. It’s a delightful and gratifying experience. My most recent work has embraced the idea of pareidolia, providing opportunities for playful investigation of media and ideas.”

Pareidolia – the human ability to see shapes or make pictures out of randomness.